Many people question, if they can come by to “take a look” or play with our Pembroke Corgi Puppies before they are placing a deposit or decide to buy one of them. The answer to the question is NO.

​Please understand, you are one of many people who want to come by to “first see” our Pembroke Corgi puppies for sale. Meeting multiple families, which just want to look, would be very time consuming for us and there is always a risk that one out of them, accidentally brings in a virus or parasite.

For the safety of our puppies and our privacy, we only meet with families which placed a deposit or booked a Meet&Greet appointment.

Meet & Greet

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We understand, that some families are not familiar with the Pembroke corgi breed and have to meet them first before purchasing a puppy or have to meet a few of our puppies to see which one is the right Pembroke corgi puppy for them.

These families are able to book a 45-minute visit for $150 (non-refundable) for our time and detailed consultation. You have the chance to play with our available Pembroke corgi puppies and ask as many questions as they want. Note: this deposit won’t reserve a specific puppy.


– No other breeders can be visited on the same day!

– Wear clean clothes and shoes, sanitize your hands!

– There is a limit of 3 visitors!

– Meeting our Pembroke corgi puppies is only possible when they got their second set of vaccinations! No exception.

– The $150 is NOT REFUNDABLE! If you buy a puppy the same day and take him home, it will be credited!

Why do we have such a strict visitation policy? 

Immature immune systems. Until the Pembroke corgi puppies have all three sets of their vaccinations, (that’s when they are 14 weeks old), they are not completely immune against diseases that can be brought in on shoes or clothing.

Many breeders have lost entire litters of puppies due to diseases being brought into the breeder’s home. You don’t have to touch a puppy to transfer a disease to them. Your shoes and clothing can bring it in and leave it on the floor or furniture, only to be transferred to the paws of the mama dog, who then transfers it to her puppies.

Most of our Pembroke corgi puppies are reserved by purchasing families. Would you want to have a puppy reserved and know, that a lot of other families were being allowed to come and hold or play with littermates, and put them all at risk?

We’d like to raise and socialize our puppies in such a way, that their risk of disease and/or injury is as low as possible so that we can deliver healthy puppies to the families who are waiting for them.

Not only is this a risk to personal safety, but it would also compromise our home environment, which we appreciate and love and want to protect. Our home is not a storefront open to strangers. It is a home.

We appreciate your understanding. Thank you.