Engineered with the same processes and high-quality materials as the award-winning G1™ Intermediate, Gunner Kennels® Medium crate also earned a 5 Star Crash Test Rating from the Center for Pet Safety.

This is a kennel that finally fixes the core function of the dog crate: safety and protection. It's the only crate with double-wall rotomolded construction, boasting unrivaled durability, guarding against both human error and seasonal elements.

• Made in America
• Lifetime Warranty
• 5 Star Crash Test Rated
• Market's Only Double-Wall Rotomolded Crate

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Engineered for your dog, designed for travel and built for your peace of mind – nothing comes close to a G1™. Let's show you why.
Double Wall Rotomolded

Double Wall Rotomolded

The power of the only double-wall rotomolded kennel on the market: our patented design has been tested to withstand 4,000 lb. of force and 630 lb. dropped from 8’4". Its construction makes it the safest pet travel crate on the market, according to the CPS.

Escape-Proof, Reversible Door

No more flimsy doors that don't hold your dog, or fly open on a whim. Our nylon door is custom welded, powder coated and reinforced with an aluminum frame – powerful enough to contain even the greatest escape artist.

Detailed Design

Every aspect of this kennel is designed with the invested dog owner in mind. The thoughtfully engineered details below are what makes our crate safer and stronger than any other competitor on the market.

Made in America

Our crates are designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA. Before you receive our kennel, no less than a dozen American hands from small businesses across the country have helped craft this product.


Drainage System

A recessed floor makes sure your dog isn't sitting in water or mud on the trip home. The oversized, removable drain plug makes for easy cleaning

Wider Base

A wider base better prevents rollover, and any unwanted movement

Built-In Tie-Down Pins

These ensure that your kennel is secure when strapped down in the vehicle. Plus you can travel with confidence knowing the crate won't be "wobbling in the wind"

Non-Slip Elevated Feet

Raises crate off the ground, limiting heat transmission–or conduction–from surfaces. Plus, it stabilizes the kennel and minimizes slippage

Custom Manufactured Door

Custom welded, powder coated and reinforced aluminum frame. Our stainless-steel Piano Hinge and hexagonal door design keeps paws in and teeth off

Super strong Carry Handles

These kayak-grade handles offer an easy front grasp and helps moving the heavy-duty crate

Paddle Latch Lock

Ever worried about leaving your dog in the truck on a bathroom break? Our paddle-latch door includes a key-in-the-hole lock to protect your pup

Stainless Steel Hardware

No worrying about the rain, and no ugly rust stains. Designed to last a lifetime

Backup & Safety Latches

These top & bottom locks on the door add extra backup, containing even the greatest escape artist

Water-Repelling Windows

Our vents were engineered to limit penetration of seasonal elements like rain, sleet and snow.


Saving Lives

At the heart of our company is safety. Since our launch we've helped protect thousands of dogs on the road. Read a few stories of how we've helped save some lives too.

CPS Certified

The G1™ is the only pet travel crate to earn a 5 Star Crash Test Rating from the Center for Pet Safety. See what that means and why that matters.

Virtually Indestructible

Our kennel's been tested to withstand a 630 lb. sled dropped from over 8 feet, a 200-foot cliff drop, 4,000 lb. of force and a 12-gauge shot gun. Watch the results.

Protects In All Weather

Due to its double-wall remolded construction and patented details, the G1™ has properties that work for your dog in all types of weather.


Our double-wall remolded construction offers an extra layer of material which helps block UV rays, as well as humidity.

Rubber feet raise the G1™ off the ground, limiting heat transmission from hot surfaces like truck beds & pavement.

Purchasing our pad accessories add an additional layer of protection, helping bring temps down inside the crate.

The G1™ has ample airflow with 10 windows on its sides, a vented door and three rear windows. The G1™ Fan Kit gets even more air circulation through there.

We conducted temperature tests using our kennel & others on the market. There was a nearly 50 degree difference between one popular crate and ours.


The second layer of construction on our G1™ adds extra protection against outside chill and cold winds.

Rubber feet raise the G1™, limiting heat transmission out of kennel & allowing the dog to retain warmth.

In the same way, our pad accessories limits heat conduction from the frozen ground, keeping the dog cozy in there.

Engineers specifically designed the window vents to repel elements like water, sleet & snow. Plus our All-Weather Kit provides additional protection.

Gunner Kennels tests on cold winter days showed that the G1™ stayed anywhere from 15-45 degrees warmer inside the kennel than exterior temperatures.